413 visitors takes HIV rapid test in festival LAMPA.

413 courageous visitors took a rapid test for HIV in HIV-STOP mobile testing point at the Conversation festival LAMPA, taking place on June 28 and 29 in Cēsis.

“Every single taken HIV rapid-test is important for us”, says Baltic HIV Association Chairman of the Board Inga Upmace. “Within 2 days of the festival, there was a long queue at our mobile testing point. We are truly happy about visitors courage and open-mindedness when taking a rapid test. Every single person was given information on how to protect themselves from infection. Spreading of HIV in Latvia can be stopped, if personas infected with HIV, would be informed and treated as soon as possible. HIV patient who receives treatment can not pass the infection to others.

At the moment Latvia is a “Kingdom of HIV” – in the year 2018 there were 326 new HIV cases discovered in Latvia. This is the highest number of new cases against the population of Latvia.