HIV in Europe is working towards creating a European HIV Testing week

The HIV in Europe Steering Committee has informed that plans are underway to introduce a new date in the HIV calendar. HIV in Europe is working towards creating a European HIV Testing week that will raise awareness of the importance of early and regular HIV testing amongst those most at risk in the week ahead of World AIDS Day 2013 – Friday 22 November to Friday 29 November 2013.

Why is a European HIV testing week needed?
Targeted at populations which are most at risk of HIV, as well as healthcare professionals who should be offering the HIV test, the European testing week aims to increase awareness around the importance of HIV testing to decrease the proportion of undiagnosed people living with HIV and reduce late diagnosis. The rationale for the testing week came about following input and advice from representatives from HIV organisations across Europe. The group agreed that a pan-European week would be an effective approach to help scale up access to, availability, offering and uptake of HIV testing for risk populations, as well as provide a platform for disseminating a united message.


Can my organisation get involved?
Yes, we will be actively welcoming the involvement of organisations and clinics across Europe, as it can only be a success with your help. You may want to organise awareness raising activities, HIV testing drives, lobbying activities and work with the local media to announce the launch of the week. We would greatly appreciate your support, and hope that you will consider if your organisation would like to be involved. If you already now know that you would like to get involved, please contact the HIV in Europe Secretariat


What support will I receive to launch the testing week?
We will develop a dossier of evidence to support the need for early and regular HIV testing, template materials to help you to engage with other stakeholders and interested parties, branding that you may wish to use on your own local communication materials, as well as translation of campaign materials into local languages. Guidance on how to use the materials and ideas on activities you may wish to run locally, including examples of ‘best practices’ will also be provided.

Find out more
A webpage for the testing week  is currently being constructed: Over the coming months, ideas for activities, information about the materials and support will be available to you. In the meantime, if you have any questions or would like more information please contact the HIV in Europe secretariat:

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