BaltHIV shares experience from the HERMETIC project in France.

In the European project HERMETIC (2015-2018), were combined statistical modelling and surveillance data to estimate HIV incidence, the distribution of time from HIV infection to diagnosis and the number of individuals living with undiagnosed HIV at the national and sub-national levels in four European countries (France, Belgium, Estonia and Latvia). Eight teams, including research teams and NGOs, from four European countries, had been involved in this collaborative interdisciplinary project.

At this one-day conference in 16th October, teams will present the studies conducted throughout the HERMETIC project and share and disseminate our results with other scientists, national health authorities and surveillance, institutions and community-based organizations. Participants from Latvia Inga Upmace ( Baltic HIV Association) and Ruta Kaupe (DIA+LOGS) will present 2 pilot studies about Bridging the gap for risk groups (MSM & IDUs) for undiagnosed parts. Anda Ķīvīte (RSU, Latvia) – Diagnostic accuracy, feasibility and acceptability of HIV oral fluid rapid tests among hard-to-reach key populations in Latvia.