Evaluation of client satisfaction with the services developed in frame of the Project „Promoting social inclusion of men who have sex with men (MSM) by improving access and quality of health care services”

The aim of the research was to evaluate MSM awareness regarding the services developed within the Project (Checkpoint and Network of MSM-friendly doctors) as well as to clarify client satisfaction with the mentioned services. Field work of the study was carried out between September 2014 and June 2015. Three questionnaires were used – questionnaire for evaluation of client satisfaction with the Checkpoint services, questionnaire for evaluation of client satisfaction with the Network services and questionnaire for evaluation of MSM awareness regarding the mentioned services. Questionnaires were anonymous and available in Latvian and Russian. Data were entered and analysed in SPSS 20.0. In total data from 148 questionnaires was analyzed. The main conclusions are:

  1. MSM awareness regarding Checkpoint services is sufficient; which is not the case speaking about the Network services;
  2. The main source of information regarding the services is “word of mouth”, i.e., information is given by the employees and volunteers of the Project as well as by other MSMs;
  3. The most common services received in the Checkpoint were HIV and syphilis express tests; within the Network express tests are used rarely, mostly other modes of health examinations are used;
  4. Main topics discussed during the visits in Checkpoint and Network are HIV infection and STI preventive health behaviour;
  5. Checkpoint and Network are serving as a starting point for further health care – majority of the clients receive referrals to other health promotion and health care services;
  6. MSM satisfaction with the services developed within the Project is very high; virtually all MSM suggest the services also to other representatives of the community;
  7. MSM are not identifying any barriers to availability of the developed services; only few persons are pointing the awkward working hours of the Checkpoint and long waiting lists in medical practices of the Network;
  8. Lifetime prevalence of HIV testing among MSM is unsatisfactory which underlines the necessity of the continuation of the developed services in the future.

For more information on the research please contact the Project Researcher: anda.kivite@gmail.com

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