NGO „Baltic HIV Association” (BaltHIV) is a non-profit organization established in 2010. BaltHIV members represent various fields and they have different backgrounds – healthcare, nursing, public health, harm reduction etc.



Our work is aimed at provision of HIV and STI testing & counseling services, psychological support, trainings & educational programs for specialists and different society groups.

In 2014, in collaboration with LGBTA organization ,,Mozaika” BaltHIV established the first community based low threshold center “Checkpoint” for MSM (men who have sex with men) to rise HIV and STI testing capacity and knowledge. The Checkpoint is also carrying out bio-behavioral surveys that help to monitor HIV prevalence and diminish risky behavior.

Since 2018, the Checkpoint is open to everyone who wants to receive information about HIV, hepatitis and sexually transmitted diseases and get tested. We offer different HIV services free of charge including testing & counseling, condoms, leaflets in two locations in Riga 2-4 days per week. We also are open to provision of HIV testing & counselling services during various occasions, for instance, we have offered HIV testing & counseling in the Shopping center ,,Alfa”,  in the Central Rail Station, in the Central Market, during the festival ,,LAMPA”.

Since 2019, BaltHIV also provides training on HIV & other infectious diseases and prevention measures to social and probation workers, prisoners, residents of social care homes and shelters.

For those who are affected by HIV (people living with HIV and their families) we offer psychosocial support.

BaltHIV is also a member of the State Steering Committee group for HIV, hepatitis and STIs.

BaltHIV vision

We believe that evidence-based activities are the core of any policy.

We believe that together we are stronger and therefore we are always open to collaboration with other HIV, hepatitis, STI field stakeholders.

We believe that services should be easily accessible and therefore we provide our services not only in our premises.

We believe that effective HIV, hepatitis and STI prevention includes the targeted treatment – those, who are HIV positive, have to start antiretroviral treatment, those, who have hepatitis C, have to get treatment.

BaltHIV budget

As a non-profit organization, our work is mainly covered from projects’ budgets, membership fees and donations. It allows us to employ 8 to 10 part-time employees that provide HIV rapid testing & counseling, as well as implement different project activities.

BaltHIV receives also support from the government (Disease Prevention and Control Center of Latvia) in form of materials and supplies (rapid tests, information materials, condoms etc).